Stewart Island Trip

January 11, 2011

A Short trip to Stewart Island


We had a Japanese customer who was  keen to see Mottled Petrel. That was his last bird to fill the list of the sea bird recorded in Japan. 

But like  most Japanese do, he had limited time, so we took short trip to Stewart Island in January.

We chartered a boat for 2 days, the weather was really too good for  pelagics, but we managed see the Mottled Petrel several times. We also had really good view of other pelagic birds, such as Albatrosses, Prions, Shearwaters. 





Locations visited

Stewart Island



Sicklebill Safaris on March 22, 2011 about Stewart Island Trip

Hi Tom, I only got obscure shot. Client managed to take some. He may upload them after he back to normal life, he's in Sendai...

Tom T. on March 22, 2011 about Stewart Island Trip

Hi Jun, any pics of the Mottled Petrel? Tom

Simon Mustoe on February 22, 2011 about Stewart Island Trip

Great birds eh? Well done!

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